Welcome to Souldance Wellness!

If you are experiencing pain, you have come to the right place. Dr. Albanese is an MD so she knows what major medical issues to look for while knowing that most chronic disease is related to energy blockage. She
has multiple tools at her disposal as well as a compassionate, thorough
approach to your health so she can identify and help you eliminate
whatever stands between you and your optimal health and life. She
knows that you are the true expert on your body, and is able to really
listen to what is going on with your health and life. She understands
that the physician-patient relationship is a partnership, and that
ultimately you are in control of your body and life. She will work as a
partner with you in achieving your goals.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Souldance Wellness!

  1. There are times when you read the claims on a Web page and wonder if this is an honest appraisal or indicator of what you could expect at the particular business or medical practice. Well I can say without any reservations that Dr. Lisa is the real deal and the intro page is not only accurate but also doesn’t tell the whole story. She is without a doubt one of the best medical people I have ever experienced. I went to her with a long term chronic pain that I had spent many many dollars and seen more doctors then I can remember. They all tried to assist me but until I finally had the good fortune to find Lisa I finally actually got some real “relief”. I will leave you, the person searching for help with your pain, with simply this: Go to Dr. Lisa Albanese.

  2. When I first came into Dr. Lisa Albanese’s office, I was in excruciating pain. I was anxious about having my pain minimized or explained away as sometimes happens – and I was absolutely exhausted. Lisa was a godsend. She truly listened to me, honoring my feelings and experiences. She partnered with me as we talked about options and treatment plans. A big part of my treatment has been acupuncture …she is the best! Each time I get off the table, my body feels SO much better. Dr. Albanese’s skill with both Eastern and Western medicine and treatments are leading me to optimal health. Under her guidance, I truly feel I have a health partner who has a goal of restoring “me” to ME.

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