Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment which makes use
of the bodies energy systems called meridians. When pain is
present, there is a blockage of energy that is not allowing free
flow and function. Small needles are inserted at points along
these energy channels to help with many different conditions.                                                        Dr. Lisa specializes in treating pain, anxiety and fatigue with acupuncture.


Functional Medicine takes a patient-centered approach to health
and disease, for an individualized treatment plan taking into
account all aspects of life including physical, mental, emotional,
spiritual, social and environmental factors. For more information,

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder often accompany pain.
EFT has been successful in alleviating anxiety as well as pain and
PTSD. Like acupuncture, this treatment makes use of the bodies
natural energy systems (meridians). Instead of using needles to
poke through the skin, these points are gently tapped to help
manage and eliminate symptoms.


Perineural Injection Therapy is a mouthful to say, but it is actually a
simple procedure. Chronic pain can be related to ongoing
overstimulation of cutaneous (close to the surface) nerves. Even
pain that is deep and unrelenting has a connection to these
cutaneous nerves. Perineural Injection Therapy is a simple technique  where very small needles are inserted just under the skin and a small amount of dextrose solution is injected close to these nerves. Pain relief is often immediate and can be long-lasting.


The prevailing premise of energy medicine is that the flow and
balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies
are important for physical, spiritual, and emotional health, and
for fostering well-being.


Microcurrent Positional Tuina is a technique used to release
tightness and tenderness of muscles and joints. This technique
is helpful for tight muscles as well as for releasing scar tissue. A
small amount of electrical current is introduced while the muscle
is placed in a stretched position. Frequently, after treatment
there is immediate improvement in mobility, movement, and
reduction in pain. Postural stretches are helpful following
treatment to maintain the improvement gained during the